The Best Embroidery Scissors for Your Next Project

While there are plenty of embroidery accessories you can do without, scissors are one of the most important tools for machine and hand embroidery projects.

Embroidery scissors are designed specifically for certain tasks—needlework, snipping into tiny stitches, cutting with precision—and they help to make your designs look perfect.

In this guide I wanted to share my best tips to help you choose the best embroidery scissors for your machine embroidery projects.

Embroidery Scissors Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Pair for Your Next Project

There are so many styles, designs, and types of embroidery scissors available that buying a pair can be an overwhelming task.

Here’s what to take into consideration while you’re shopping for your first pair.

Make sure they’re small and sharp

Embroidery calls for precision. That’s why embroidery scissors are small and sharp. They help you get into the finer details of your embroidery designs and snip away at tiny threads. It’s the kind of work that larger sewing scissors simply cannot do. So please don’t ever use the scissors in your kitchen drawer to finish off your embroidery work!

Oh, and to keep your embroidery scissors nice and sharp, don’t use them for anything else but embroidery.

Does the handle fit your fingers?

We’re all built a little differently. So, if you have larger fingers than most people, you should look for embroidery scissors that have larger holes in the handle. If you’re constantly fumbling or in pain while you’re using your embroidery scissors, you won’t enjoy picking them up and getting to work.

Curved scissors are good for working with a hoop or single stitches

Having a curved tip on your embroidery scissors can help give more precision to your cutting. If you often need to cut a single thread in your designs, you should definitely embroidery scissors with a curved tip.

Double-curved scissors are great for machine embroidery

Double curved embroidery scissors are bent at the handle and at the tip. They are designed to help you cut threads without having to remove your hoop from the embroidery machine. As they are longer than regular curved scissors you can easily get into those hard to reach places while your hoop is still attached to your machine. This method can save you a lot of time and fiddling in machine embroidery.

If you’re doing appliqué, duck-billed blades are helpful

Duck-billed blade or applique scissors allow you to cut very close to your line of stitching when you are making appliques. They also have a bigger blade than regular curved scissors.

For example, when you are making an applique on your embroidery machine, you put your fabric down and the machine does a line of straight stitching to secure your fabric in place.

You then take your hoop out of the machine, trim your fabric close to the stitches (without removing from the hoop) and then put your hoop back onto the machine before the machine stitches a satin stitch over the top of the straight stitch, covering your trimmed fabric edge.

The curved edge on your scissors is used to protect the applique fabric from being punctured by the point of normal scissors as press down while cutting close to the edge.

And, the most important part: you need to love the way they look

Like I said before, you’ll be working with your embroidery scissors a lot. So it’s really, really important that you absolutely love their design. Some embroidery scissors are fun and colorful. Some are shaped like unicorns. And others are plain and simple. 

You’re going to be looking at these a lot, so it’s important that you love their look as well as their function. Don’t get pressured into buying scissors that you just don’t like.

“To keep your embroidery scissors nice and sharp, don’t use them for anything else but embroidery.

The Best Embroidery Scissors for Any Project

Here are my all-time fave scissors for my machine embroidery projects.

Madeira Double-Curved Precision Cut Embroidery scissors (9cm/3.5in)

Features and material:

  • Keeps your hands away from the fabric with raised finger loops
  • Design helps you make hard-to-reach cuts
  • They’re double-curved, making it easy to reach over machine hoops and hands
  • Lightweight

Why I love them:

  • They can reach to awkward threads
  • These scissors are great if you are using an embroidery machine and want to cut jump stitches while your designs are stitching out. Be very careful and stop your machine before you cut.
  • They’re gold-plated!

The only drawback is that they’re not multipurpose scissors, which isn’t ideal if you’re on a budget.

Fiskars Classic Embroidery Scissors (10cm/4in)

Features and material:

  • Stainless steel, high quality
  • Should stay sharp for a very long time if you take great care of them
  • Gives you easy access under an embroidery machine foot

Why I love them:

  • Great curve and sharp
  • Helpful if you want to snip jump stitches while your work is flat
  • Their small size is good for moving a single thread out of the way

The cons? You can’t really use them for other crafting jobs.

Fiskars Classic Needlework Scissors (12.5cm/5 inches)

Features and material:

  • Right and left-handed
  • Sharp, fine blades
  • Good for delicate cutting

Why I love them: 

  • These scissors are old favourites
  • Small and sharp enough for little cutting jobs, including snipping threads, cutting out even seam ripping!
  • Buy these scissors if you want to buy 1 pair of sharp scissors that have a good point on them.

The downside is that they’re an investment. And if someone with a beard (like my husband) gets ahold of them, then the honeymoon is over.

Kai Embroidery Scissors (13.5cm/5.5in)

Why I love them: 

  • They’re super sharp!
  • Did I mention how sharp they are? Seriously, nothing gives you more satisfaction than snipping or cutting with results every time.
  • They also have a good point for precision, and they have softer handles than the Fiskar classics.

Safety is the only downside to this pair. Because they’re very sharp, you’ll need to keep them out of site (and out of reach if any children have access to your embroidery supplies).

Madeira Embroidery Scissors (15.24cm/6in)

Why I love them:

  • They’re easy to handle
  • These scissors are great for machine applique
  • They glide nicely over fabric and allow you to get very close to your edge.
  • They’re good for left-handed people

I love these scissors but there are a few downsides to be aware of:

  • It can feel awkward when you first start to use these scissors. If you’re right-handed, you have cut the opposite way to what you are used to. The curve protects the applique fabric on the inside of your design. 
  • You can get so close to the material that you might cut your stitch line, so be careful to avoid that. 

Kai Needlecraft Scissors (10cm)

Why I love them: 

  • They’re tiny and sharp
  • They’re great if you want a tiny pair of snips mainly for threads

Just be aware that they can be too small for some jobs.

Fiskars Razor Edge Fabric Scissors (13cm/5.12in)

Features and material:

  • Extremely sharp stainless steel
  • Precise cuts
  • Ergonomic shape

Why I love them: 

  • They’re small and great for precision cuts
  • These scissors are good if you’re cutting out small felt pieces or snipping to make little notches in fabric.
  • They are very sharp and come with a blade protector. 

The downside? Because they’re chunky and large, they’re not so good for just snipping threads on hoops.

Milward Rainbow Unicorn Embroidery Scissors (10cm/4in)

Why I love them: 

  • Because they are shiny metallic beetle coloured, and they’re unicorns!
  • These scissors are great if you want something that makes you smile
  • They make me happy every time I work with them

Be aware that these scissors tend to be more “design over function” though. They’re not as sharp as the fiskars or Kai scissors. I would only use them for snipping threads.

Snipster Heart Embroidery Scissors (Turquoise, 9.5cm)

Why I love them: 

  • I’m a big fan of the turquoise colour

Any cons? Well… turquoise is my favourite color so I’ve overlooked all of the drawbacks of this pair!

Vintage Style Iron Scissors

Why I love them: 

  • If you want a photogenic pair of embroidery scissors, look no further
  • These scissors are great if you like simple looking vintage objects
  • Extremely “Instagram” friendly 

To be honest, I don’t know if they’re sharp enough. I haven’t tried them but I’ve always admired how they look.

Caring for your embroidery scissors

I can’t stress this enough: you should only use your embroidery scissors for embroidery (and cross stitch if you have to). 

Using embroidery scissors for anything else, like cutting paper and other material (like beard whiskers) will just make them go blunt much faster. 

Keep them safe in your sewing kit and consider making a cover for them so they are protected and long-lasting.

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